Senior Research Associate – Rio Verde/GO

Vaga disponível: Senior Research Associate – Rio Verde/GO

Empresa: Corteva

Descrição da Vaga: DescriptionGives support to technical research activities for soy, sorghum and corn, key contact for soy breeder. Helps as well in planning and conducting trials, registering, and analyzing data. Grants daily operational efficiency in field and/or station situations.Conduct soy, sorghum, and corn research/trials according to procedures established and adapt new procedures when necessary.
Plan new trials/research with research manager support.
Responsible for activities for soy, sorghum, and corn, such as planning, planting, leaf sampling, data taking, harvest, seed movement and data quality validation and data analysis.
Maintain and improve daily operations to keep work efficient.
Supervise assigned projects.
Maintain research facilities and operations inside and outside CORTEVA location in complete accordance with CORTEVA safety standards.
Maintain research equipments in perfect conditions.
Coordinate and evaluate field implementations (planning, planting, fertilizing, preparing soil, irrigating, controlling insects, preparing seed, etc.).
Plan and implement the logistic for field equipments shipping and evaluations in appropriate time.
Designate tasks, instruct and supervise part time workers.
Plan the needs for temporary work hiring for soy harvest and safrinha corn and sorghum planting and evaluation.
Help controlling operational expenses within budget.
Interact with sourcing department to plan fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide, label purchases, etc.
Performs inventories.
Inserts and extracts data of the CORTEVA database system.
Interact with Supply for administrative and safety purposes.
Coordinate field evaluations and data analysis.
Engage in the Company Security Program, meeting legal requirements and internal company policies and also motivating colleagues in this direction.
Ensure that Corteva values of Enrich Lives, Stand tall, Build Together and Be upstanding are applied in the context of leadership, for example.QualificationsBachelor’s degree in agronomy or related field.
M.Sc. or Specialization in genetics, plant breeding, molecular biology, or related field.
2 to 4 years experience in plant breeding activities.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
Ability to delegate responsibilities.
Good leadership abilities.
Negotiation skills.
Advanced English skills.
Computer systems (including Windows applications).
Field experience in preparing, planting, conducting experiments and taking data, using modern data collector devices.
Knowledge of genetics, plant breeding, statistics, and biotechnology.
Knowledge of statistical software.
Ability to analyze phenotypic and genotypic data.
Knowledge of agronomic related activities, such as field equipment, soil fertility and plant physiology.
Available for traveling.
Driver license, category B.


Localização: Rio Verde – GO

Data do Anúncio:: Thu, 30 May 2024 04:38:11 GMT

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